Klaus Vrecer

The future in technology: to score with special products

What Klaus Vrecer likes the most about his position as Technical Manager of the company is that he has the possibility to work in different areas and to bring in his own ideas regarding anything from construction innovation to design. This – so he says – is of particular importance to him: to be able to meet the customer’s special requirements, to master their technologies and to continuously further develop these in collaboration with the customers. Klaus Vrecer is convinced that this is also the particular strength of HAASE Gesellschaft m.b.H., because “our only chance to score are and will be special products”.

He himself trains his highly qualified team of engineers. Quality and customer awareness are the two concepts he starts his training with, and only afterwards he continues with the next learning steps. The employees then are put to work in one of the three HAASE production departments: in the tool and jig manufacturing department that is also responsible for machine maintenance, at the production machines for wire drawing, or at the stranding machines for the production of the desired rope cross-sections from one to 2.400 millimetres.

» Only when the customers’ wishes have been met in full, can Klaus Vrecer lean back contentedly – and wait for the next challenges to come. «