Quality Environment Safety

Securing the future means assuming responsibility

HAASE wants security for its customers! At HAASE all aspects of  the production flow are defined by process oriented procedures. Our customers can be sure to get HAASE products which work as expected – thats what HAASE stands for since 1859.

Quality management: ISO 9001

As a company certified according to ISO 9001, customer satisfaction, quality awareness and error prevention constitute the basis of HAASE’s quality management. Furthermore, also the employees and their work environment as well as the management are included in the quality assurance process in the entire workflow, starting with development and production and ending with service. The most important benchmark for success to HAASE, however, is the customer’s opinion.

Environmental protection cannot be achieved with modern equipment alone. Environmental protection is an issue that concerns us all. We take these problems seriously and work on their solution.

Environmental management: ISO 14001

The care we show towards the world we live in is an essential element of our company’s philosophy. Today, no one can afford a wasteful use of our environment’s resources. This is why environmental protection is firmly anchored on all levels of HAASE Gesellschaft m.b.H. The objectives are defined, the tasks allocated in detail. For the implementation of the existing standards under Austrian as well as EU environmental laws we have introduced an efficient environmental management certified according to ISO 14001 that meets the most exacting demands even in international comparison. Furthermore, HAASE Gesellschaft m.b.H. is also a member of the company network ÖKOprofit. Organisational structure, responsibilities and behaviours are summarised in the environmental manual of HAASE Gesellschaft m.b.H. The system defined in this manual is consistently applied, regularly controlled, developed and adapted to changing conditions. This is achieved using our employees’ expertise and experience.

Safety management: OHSAS 18001

The safety management system of the company HAASE was successfully certified according to OHSAS 18001 at the end of 2009. Thus, a self-contained, homogeneous, integrated management system was implemented in all divisions. Naturally, the observance of and compliance with all legal requirements for the purpose of employee protection is of central importance. An extensive database programme supports us in the implementation of our objectives.