The energy grid:

The basis of our society

Electrical energy is one of the most important bases of our modern industrialised society. Whether in factories, private households or the public sector, electricity is not only needed to provide light, but our lives literally depend on the grids, through which electricity is transmitted from the power stations to the consumer. As worldwide leading manufacturer of overhead line conductors in the energy sector, HAASE Gesellschaft m.b.H. with its longstanding expertise and state-of-the-art manufacturing – from standard to specialised applications – is contributing to the development of the network that will shape the future.

Energy is the basis of our economy and our lives. Modern social life would be unthinkable without networked energy flows.

HAASE is part of this network and produces the conductors for the transmission of electricity. HAASE is your partner for the future for anything from standard applications to customised requirements.

Overhead power line net:

Utilising our power stations’ energy

Power lines are the core of a modern industrial society. No light, no TV, but also no automotive factories, no steelworks – we literally depend on the cables that allow us to use the energy from power stations. The power lines, which mostly go unnoticed, have to meet special requirements regarding quality and efficiency – otherwise energy will dissipate into heat. HAASE meets these requirements with continuous improvements in all of the company’s processes.

Compacted energy

Conductors for the cable industry

One of HAASE‘s main focuses is on the production of compacted power transmission conductors for the cable industry. We develop and successfully implement solutions for all areas of application in close cooperation with internationally renowned customers. Round compacted, sector compacted, longitudinally watertight, wrapped, surface optimised: we keep pushing the boundaries of what is feasible.

In an extremely fast moving, globally acting world, HAASE has established itself as competent and flexible partner in this product segment.

Energy above railway tracks

Conductors for railway construction

The optimisation of overhead contact line systems for railways has high priority with HAASE, which is reflected in an extensive product range.

Power transmission conductors, track ropes and suspension ropes in different designs and materials showHAASE’s absolute product competence when it comes to the construction of overhead contact lines for railways.